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P&O Cruises Iona Suites – Which one is best?

What types of suites are available on P&O Cruises new ship Iona? I’ve broken down each suite for you in this guide, so keep reading to find out which one is best for you. If you’re interested in sailing in a suite aboard P&O cruises – I’ve also created a similar guide for the best suites on Britannia and the best suites on Arvia

Why chose a suite on P&O cruises Iona?

A suite is a great option for families because of the space it offers. The spacious lounge and balcony are perfect for sharing and socialising or for having a cosy night in catching up on some favourite shows or films on the large screen TVs. A suite can also be a perfect romantic getaway for couples too with privacy and added luxurious touches.

What are the different types of suites on P&O Cruises Iona?

According to the P&O deck plan, there are three types of suites on board Iona:

However it is worth noting that while conservatory mini suites are referred to in the brochure as ‘suites’, conservatory mini suites don’t seem to come with suite perks, so rest of this post will cover Suites and Family Sea View Suites as these 26, B-grade suites aboard Iona include the standard suite perks.

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What are the different B Grade Suites on P&O Cruises Iona?

There are 4 grades of suite aboard Iona: B4, B5, B6 and BA. However,  I’ve categorised them in to three main groups for the purpose of this post:

  • Forward Suites – 12 Suites located at the front of the ship between deck 9 through 15 with steel fronted balconies
  • Aft Suites – 12 suites located at the aft of the ship between decks 9 through 15 with glass fronted balconies
  • Family Sea View Suites – two family sea view suites located right at the front of the ship with no Balcony

There are no mid-ship B Grade suites aboard Iona. If you would like a mid-ship cabin with suite-level space, then it might be best to opt for a Conservatory Mini Suite instead. It’s a case of personal preference – if you like all the trappings of suite life aboard P&O then you have a combined total of 24 forward or aft options to choose from.

However, if a mid-ship location wins out over suite-level perks, then one of the 95 conservatory mini suites (C-Grade cabins) on decks 8 and 9 might be more for you. Alternatively, the mid ship Deluxe Balcony (E-Grade) cabins could also be another idea for an upgraded mid-ship balcony option. While these two cabin grades offer additional interior and balcony space, you will need to bear in mind that you won’t get all the suite perks of a B grade suite.

But you came here for the suites, didn’t you? – so I’ll continue.

What are the forward suites like on P&O Cruises Iona?

There are 12 forward facing suites aboard Iona. These can be found right at the front of the ship on decks 9-15.

Suites: 15110, 15109, 14112, 14109, 12112, 12111, 11110, 11109, 10110, 10109, 9110 and 9111

In terms of plus-points for these suites, as you’re right at the front of the ship, the Epicurean restaurant is very close by (where breakfast is served, exclusively for suite guests). Another benefit is that to get to these suites, you’re likely to use the mid forward lifts – which tend to be less busy than the mid ship lifts.

These suites are also highly accessible for the Retreat, The Spa and the Crows nest. So if these are your typical preferences to hang out in whilst on ship, these suites will be perfectly located for you.

All suites on Iona have some impressive balcony space which will be fantastic on warmer climate cruises. The forward-facing suites will also provide some awesome panoramic views looking out over the bow when sailing through the Norwegian fjords. I also imagine these will be prime seats to view sail-aways from port with a Captain’s eye view (especially on the deck 15 suite balconies).

Forward Suites on P&O Iona Suites
Photo: kees torn / CC BY-SA

A few things to consider when booking forward suites on Iona

Some of the suites (15110 and 15109, and to a lesser extent 14112 and 14109) have a slight overhang from the bridge, so depending on where the ship is pointing in relation to the sun you might find that these suites may be still shaded in the middle of the day. A bit of shade (specifically on the part of the balcony which doesn’t face forward) might be an added bonus for you – it’s all about personal preference, but it’s still good to know before you book.

From the images released so far, suites 9110 and 9111 seem to have slightly different windows and doors than the other forward suites. At this point I am unsure whether there is a significant difference to the internal layout of the suite.

If you’re booking on of these forward suites and travelling with younger kids, it’s worth bearing I mind that there will be quite a walk to the back of the ship for the Reef kids club (on Deck 17). So if you don’t fancy a long walk, then perhaps pick an aft suite instead.

Another thing to note on the forward suite balconies is that when the ship is sailing, these might be somewhat unusable (think: wind chill and free blow dry). So you may wish to factor this into your decision making. If you prefer to spend sea days on your balcony then a more sheltered aft suite might be better.

One thing to consider when choosing forward suites in general is that as you’re right at the front of the ship, you might experience some more movement than mid-ship cabins. In rougher seas this might become more pronounced the higher up you are (suites on deck 15 will be the highest). However Iona is a big ship and has impressive stabilisation technology (I’m sure there’s a more technical term for this) so the movement might not be as pronounced as it is on forward or aft cabins on smaller ships.

Suites with interconnecting cabins on board P&O Cruises Iona

Here I’ve listed each of the Forward Suites alongside the OA Grade cabin they connect to and how many passengers each OA Grade cabin sleeps:

Suite Cabin Number (sleeps 4)Connecting Cabin number (OA Grade)OA Grade cabin Sleeps

Suites 14112, 14109, 11110, 11109, 9110 and 9111 are all suites with interconnecting doors which link to a separate inside cabin (larger inside, OA grade cabin). The forward suites are the only suites with interconnecting cabins, neither the aft suites nor the family suites have this option.

While a cabin with an interconnecting door may not be a preference for some, it might be a perfect option for others who wish to travel with an extended family group of up to 8 people. 

Adjoining Suites on P&O Cruises Iona

What are the aft suites like on P&O Cruises Iona?​

These 12 suites are right at the back of the ship and have wrap-around, glass fronted balconies. They are located on decks 9 through 15 with two suites on each deck. 

Suites: 15732, 15733, 14736, 14735, 12738, 12735, 11740, 11739, 10736, 10739 ,9744 and 9739

Suite 10736 is the only adapted suite on Iona.

In terms of plus points of these suites, the aft balconies wrap around the back of the ship and provide fantastic views and like the forward suites have impressive balcony space. The aft suites also benefit from the soft, calming white noise and views of the ship’s wake. These balconies are also likely to be more sheltered that the forward suite balconies.

Another benefit is that to get to these suites, you’re likely to use the mid aft lifts – which tend to be less busy than the mid ship lifts.

Location-wise, the aft suites are convenient for the Reef (kids clubs) on Deck 17 and the main dining room (decks 6 & 7). These suites are also convenient for the sunset bar and club house, buffet and the infinity pool.

P&O Cruises Iona Aft Suitess
Photo credit: Dickelbers / CC BY-SA (

A few things to consider when booking aft suites on Iona

As you’re right at the back of the ship, the Epicurean restaurant (where breakfast is served, exclusively for suite guests) will be quite a walk.

These suites are right at the back of the ship, so similar to the forward suites, you might experience slightly more movement in rougher seas than mid ship cabins and this might be even more pronounced the higher up you go (towards deck 15).

Suites 9744 and 9739 are located directly above the Club House (Iona’s nightclub) and Sunset Bar, so you may hear some late-night noise from this venue in these suites.

Suites 15732 and 15733 tend to be more shaded that other aft suites. So if this is likely to affect your enjoyment of the balcony space then you might wish to choose a suite on one of the lower decks.

Whereas all the forward suites sleep 4 passengers, some of the aft suites do not. Therefore if you are travelling in a group of 4, your aft suite options tend to be limited to 6 suites. I have listed the max occupancy number for each aft suite below.

  • Iona Aft Suites which sleep 4 Passengers: Suites: 14736, 14735, 11740, 11739, 9744 and 9739
  • Iona Aft Suites which sleep 3 Passengers: Suites: 15732, 15733, 12738, 12735, 10736 and 10739

What are the Family Sea View suites like on P&O Cruises Iona?​

There are only two of these suites on ship and these can be found right at the front on Deck 8. As the name suggests, these are sea view suites, so there is no balcony. 

Suites: 8110 and 8109

Basically, these two suites are extremely roomy sea view cabins with suite level perks. They also offer parents travelling with younger children or adventurous toddlers the peace of mind which comes with no balcony. However, if you want a balcony with your suite, you might wish to opt for a different suite.

Another benefit of staying in these suites is that you’re right at the front of the ship, so the Epicurean restaurant (where breakfast is served, exclusively for suite guests) is very close by.

Additionally, to get to these suites, you’re likely to use the mid-forward lifts – which tend to be less busy than the mid-ship lifts.

A few things to consider when booking Family Sea View suites on Iona

While these two suites are marked up as ‘family’ suites, they are probably the two suites farthest away from The Reef kids’ club on board. To get the Reef from these two suites you will need to walk almost the entire length of the ship and take the lift from deck 8 to deck 17. So while this might not be a deal breaker, it’s work knowing in advance.

As mentioned above, these suites do not have a balcony and are sea view only. But one additional thing to consider with regards to their lack of balcony is that from the deck plans and images released so far, these suites seem to be right on the promenade deck.

You may therefore get passers-by right outside your window as it doesn’t look like these cabins are raised up like others on the promenade deck. It might be worth checking this out and seeking further information from your booking agent before committing to these suites if this is likely to pose an issue for you.

Another thing to consider is that family suites do not have a bath. It’s only in the small print on the deck plan that you discover this: 

“All cabins on Iona have shower only apart from Suites – B4, B5 and B6 grades.”

Family Suite Cabins are BA grade so don’t have a bath. This is a strange design feature for families – especially those with younger children. As a parent, I know that a bath is a much easier option than a shower when it comes to an evening routine. So you may wish to pack a small inflatable paddling pool to put in the shower even if you are staying in one of these suites. 

Family Sea View Suite on P&O Cruises Iona

Similar to the other forward suites, as you’re right at the front of the ship, you might experience some more movement than mid-ship cabins. However these two suites are on deck 8 so they are quite low down and in fact the lowest suites on the ship in terms of their location, so you are likely to experience the least amount of movement compared to the other forward suites on ship.

One thing to consider in these suites is that you may hear the anchor being dropped early in the morning when in a tender port, but this unlikely to be a frequent occurrence on your cruise.

Additionally as you are right at the front of the ship there is quite a walk to the horizon restaurant (buffet style restaurant) and the main dining rooms which are located towards the back of the ship. 

Click here to view Iona’s deck plan

What benefits do you get in a suite on Iona?

All suites on Iona come with the following P&O suite perks:
  • Priority check-in
  • Access to an exclusive hospitality lounge with a selection of teas, coffees and fresh pastries while you wait to board
  • Priority boarding with Ligurian tier guests
  • Exclusive welcome reception, as soon as you board with hot and cold canapés and complimentary alcoholic drinks
  • Box of Chocolates
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Daily canape’s
  • Coffee machine
  • Breakfast in an exclusive venue
  • Inclusive room service
  • Butler service
  • Superior bathroom with full-size whirlpool bath.
  • Luxurious premier White Company toiletries
  • Spacious lounge area and separate bedroom
  • Priority Tenders (where applicable)
  • Priority Disembarkation

What are the different names of the suites on Iona?

In addition to the cabin number, each of the suites on Iona has a different name (apart from the two family suites)

  • Family Suite – Cabin Number: 8109, Location: Forward
  • Family Suite – Cabin Number: 8110, Location: Forward
  • Adriatic Suite – Cabin Number: 9110, Location: Forward
  • Aegean Suite – Cabin Number: 9111, Location: Forward
  • Arabian Suite – Cabin Number: 9739, Location: Aft
  • Andaman Suite – Cabin Number: 9744, Location: Aft
  • Baffin Suite – Cabin Number: 10109 Forward Location: Forward
  • Arafura Suite – Cabin Number: 10110, Location: Forward
  • Barents Suite – Cabin Number: 10736 (Adapted), Location: Aft
  • Beaufort Suite – Cabin Number: 10739, Location: Aft
  • Caspian Suite – Cabin Number: 11109, Location: Forward
  • Caribbean Suite- Cabin Number: 11110, Location: Forward
  • Coral Suite – Cabin Number: 11739, Location: Aft
  • Celebes Suite – Cabin Number: 11740, Location: Aft
  • Ionian Suite – Cabin Number: 12111, Location: Forward
  • Greenland Suite – Cabin Number: 12112, Location: Forward
  • Kara Suite – Cabin Number: 12735, Location: Aft
  • Java Suite – Cabin Number: 12738, Location: Aft
  • Mediterranean Suite – Cabin Number: 14736, Location: Aft
  • North Suite – Cabin Number: 14735, Location: Aft
  • Ligurian Suite – Cabin Number: 14109, Location: Forward
  • Laptev Suite – Cabin Number: 14112, Location: Forward
  • Solomon Suite – Cabin Number: 15109, Location: Forward
  • Sargasso Suite – Cabin Number: 15110 Location: Forward
  • Tasman Suite – Cabin Number: 15732, Location: Aft
  • Timor Suite – Cabin Number: 15733, Location: Aft

Many thanks to Andy of P&O Iona Cabins and Suites Facebook group for this information

So that’s your breakdown of all the suites aboard Iona. Whatever you choose, she promises to be an exciting and beautiful ship to sail on. The suite décor looks modern, elegant and fresh and airy.