Welcome aboard!

First things first: I’ve been obsessed by cruise holidays since 2005 when I first stepped aboard P&O’s Oceana. I haven’t looked back.  My favourite sign in the whole world is “To the ship” (closely followed by “Gin Parlour” and “Tea Rooms”).

When I’m not planning a cruise, thinking about a cruise or on a cruise I’m usually running my own business which has absolutely nothing to do with cruises, but helps pay for cruises.

For many years I’ve probably bored my friends rigid with how fabulous cruise holidays are (surprisingly some of my friends have been enlightened enough to take me at my word and actually book a cruise holiday as a result) but before I lose any more friends I thought it might be best for me to take my obsession online.

If you want to see a little bit more about all the fantastic places I’ve been lucky enough to experience on my cruise holidays then head on over to my social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and also my YouTube channel.

On this blog I hope to include reviews and information on:

  • The cruise ships and holidays I’ve been on
  • Helpful hints and tips I’ve picked up along the way
  • Accommodation and cabins on board ship
  • Hotels for pre-cruise and post-cruise stays (plus a few more as I travel quite a bit with my work)
  • Information on various ports of call I’ve visited on my cruises
  • You might also find a video or two in the mix too

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