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P&O cruises introduces newest ship: Arvia

It’s been a busy week for P&O. Not only have Britain’s favourite cruise line finally revealed the name of their newest cruise ship – Arvia, but construction of the ship is now finally underway at Meyer Weft shipyard.

P&O Cruises Arvia
(c) P&O Cruises: Arvia makes her long awaited entrance

What does the name Arvia mean?

The name Arvia, means “from the seashore”. In in the teaser trailer before the big reveal of her name, it was clear the seashore featured heavily in the visuals. The name of the 184,700 tonnes ship was unveiled through a video reveal made up of outlining the letters in the name in various different locations, all relating to the beach and the seashore.

When can I book a cruise on Arvia?

Joining the fleet in December 2022, the 184,700 tonnes ship will be the sister ship to Iona and holidays on Arvia will go on sale in March 2021 by calling P&O Cruises on 0345 3 555 111, or by visiting their website or by contacting your travel agent. 

What itineraries will Arvia sail?

While we will have to wait just a little longer to find out where she will be sailing, in a statement P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said “Arvia has been designed to travel to the sun year-round and to maximise views of the ocean and the seashore from everywhere on board, so it seemed a very fitting name and one which will reflect the experience for guests on board.

In a statement released at the virtual steel cutting ceremony, Paul Ludlow also described Arvia as “built to sail in the sun”

So given these clues, might we expect to see Arvia alternating Mediterranean, Iberian and Caribbean itineraries? Or will she also venture over to Dubai? We will have to wait until March to find out.

P&O Cruises Arvia
(c) P&O Cruises: Arvia's Steel Cutting Ceremony

Will Arvia be the same as Iona?

P&O Cruises is still due to launch Iona, its first Excel class ship. At the moment Iona is poised to join the fleet in the summer of 2021. Iona will feature enhancements to already successful brand signature venues from the existing fleet.

Due to originally launch in May 2020, cruise addicts and P&O fans alike are eagerly awaiting to get on board. At the moment, we are still uncertain of the exact date of her maiden voyage.

What is certain is that Arvia will share many of the impressive features of her sister Iona. Both Arvia and Iona will be two of the most future-focused environmentally innovative ships in the world today. Both ships will have 5,200-guest capacity and will be the largest ships built to serve the UK market.

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In a statement, Paul Ludlow said of the two ships: “…the inherent DNA is the same. It is one which exemplifies design excellence, forward-thinking power generation and future-focused experiences. The hardware, technology and interior arrangement of spaces leaves nothing lacking.

Both ships will also follow the P&O cruises a blend of discovery, choice, relaxation and exceptional service catered towards British tastes.

As (almost) identical sister ships, you can expect the deck plans to be much the same, and it will be interesting to see whether the focus of the conservatory minis suites changes in anyway. What is certain is that Arvia will share Iona’s amazing scalloped aft suit balconies offering 180 degree panoramic views.

P&O Cruises Arvia
Arvia (c) P&O Cruises

What will Arvia look like on board?

While she may look a lot like Iona, her (slightly older) sister, there are already hints Arvia will have a different look and feel to Iona. I can’t wait to find out more over the course of the next two years as she takes shape.

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow may have also given us another hint of what Arvia might have in store for us on board. “The seashore is known for its relaxing properties and tranquillity and a holiday on Arvia will, indeed, celebrate this and have relaxation at its heart. The rejuvenating and restorative qualities of a walk on the beach and invigorating sea air will be reflected in the experiences both on board and on shore as well as the vast space on board which has enabled us to include a number of new and extraordinary features.”

What I take from this (and this is just speculation of course) is firstly tranquillity, rejuvenation and relaxation. We all need a bit of that after the past year. So will spa and relaxation areas feature more prominently on board? Will excursions take on a more relaxation and pampering theme?

P&O Cruises Arvia
(c) P&O Cruises: Arvia's retractable roof and Iona's Sky Dome

Will there be more well-being-oriented dining venues on board? Or will she follow similar pattern as her sister?

There also seems to be a theme around the sea air. I like the sound of “new and extraordinary features”.

Eagle eyed observers may have already picked out from the renders released by P&O cruises that Arvia will have a retractable roof, and there also seems to be a ‘sea walk’ feature near the atrium.

These two features will certainly provide the opportunity to take in the invigorating sea air. Further details of the ship, its design and experiences on board will be released over the coming months. I can’t wait.

P&O Cruises Arvia
(c) P&O Cruises: Is this Arvia's extra 'sea walk' walkway?

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