What are the Suite Benefits on P&O Cruises?


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What are the Suite Benefits on P&O Cruises?

If you are considering cruising in a suite aboard P&O cruises you might be interested in what additional benefits are available for suite guests. Special occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons, milestone birthdays or just an opportunity to treat yourself might be perfect excuses to upgrade to a suite on your next cruise. If you are exceptionally lucky you might also receive a complimentary upgrade (in which case lucky you!).

Whatever your reason, read on to find out what’s currently available across the P&O cruises fleet. If you’re considering a suite for your next cruise, I have put together some handy guides and a tour of an aft suite on Britannia which you might also find useful.

Suite Benefits on P&O CRuises
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What Suite benefits to P&O cruises provide?

Here’s a quick list of all the P&O cruises are sweet benefits, followed by more detail about each individual perk.

  • Priority check-in
  • Access to an exclusive hospitality lounge
  • Priority boarding with Ligurian tier guests
  • Exclusive welcome on board reception
  • Mineral Water in cabin
  • Bottle of Champagne in your cabin
  • Box of Chocolates in your cabin
  • Bath Robes and Slippers
  • Fresh Fruit in your cabin
  • Daily canapes
  • Coffee machine
  • Breakfast in an exclusive venue
  • Inclusive room service
  • Butler service
  • Superior bathroom with full-size whirlpool bath.
  • Luxurious premier White Company toiletries
  • Spacious lounge area and separate bedroom
  • Priority Tenders (where applicable)
  • Use of Atlas, & Binoculars
  • P&O branded golf umbrella to use whilst ashore
  • Priority Disembarkation

P&O Suite Benefit #1 Priority check-in

It feels great to turn up at the cruise terminal and be able to hop straight to the front of the queue when checking in. Quite how Covid 19 measures will affect this setup is yet to be seen but in normal times when you stay in a suite expect to have a fast pass to the check-in desk regardless of what time you turn up. There’s usually a separate check-in desk specifically allocated for suite guests.

Priority Embarkation for suite passengers on P&O cruises

P&O Suite Benefit #2 Access to an exclusive hospitality lounge

Once you’ve been checked in, you can bypass the main seating areas and head straight to the an exclusive hospitality area. In most cases this is just a sectioned off area with complimentary teas, coffees and biscuits. However it’s nice to touch all the same. By the time you check-in and take a seat, you might not have enough time to finish coffee before you are called through to security.

P&O Suite Benefit #3 Priority boarding with Ligurian tier guests

Priority Check in on P&O Cruises Britannia

When the ship is ready to accept passengers, you will be amongst the first in line to be invited to step aboard. On all P&O cruises, the highest loyalty tier (the Ligurian tier) will be called first. You will join them ahead of other loyalty tiers such as Baltic and Caribbean. This perk is quite good as you get the chance to explore the ship whilst is relatively quiet before other passengers embark.

P&O Suite Benefit #4 Exclusive welcome on board reception

Suite Benefits on P&O Cruises Aurora

When you check-in you will be given a card inviting you to the welcome on-board reception. This is usually held in one of the dining areas and is only open to suite guests and peninsular club members who are on Caribbean Tier or above. Welcome on-board reception serves hot and cold canapés and complimentary alcoholic and soft drinks and runs between 1 PM and 3 PM. This welcome on-board reception is a lovely way to start your cruise in a relaxed setting.

P&O Suite Benefit #5 Mineral Water in Cabin

In your suite you will find some complimentary bottles of mineral water. These are really useful for taking ashore and can easily be refilled.

P&O Suite Benefit #6 Champagne in your cabin

Suite Perks on P&O Cruises Iona

Another welcome suite benefit on P&O cruises is a complimentary bottle of 75cl Baron de Marck Champagne. This will be waiting for you, chilling on ice as soon as you arrive in your suite. The suite also includes champagne flutes, wineglasses, highball glasses and tumblers. As you may have already topped up on a few glasses of bubbly in the welcome aboard, lunch you might wish to save this champagne for later on in your cruise – such as you first formal evening. Alternatively, there’s nothing stopping you taking advantage of the chilled champagne straightaway to celebrate your first sail away in your suite.

P&O Suite Benefit #7 Box of Chocolates in your cabin

To accompany your champagne, a sweet (suite) treat awaits you in the form of a box of P&O Belgian chocolates. If you’re anything like us, these chocolates won’t survive much past the first day. If you’re not a chocoholic, you can always keep this box to share with someone as a souvenir when you get back home.

P&O Suite Benefit #8 Fresh Fruit in your cabin

Suite Benefits on board Britannia

Fresh fruit is also provided in your suite and whilst it is easy to go up to the buffet for some fresh fruit at any time to bring back to your cabin, this is another little perk that is quite nice as it saves you the trip to the buffet if you feel like a quick healthy snack. It can also be particularly handy if you need to quickly grab some fresh fruit as you head out of your cabin for a day exploring port (if you forgot pick up some fruit during breakfast).

P&O Suite Benefit #9 Daily canapes

Suite Benefits on P&O cruises

Daily canapés are usually served by your butler between 4 PM and 6 PM each evening and are always a nice little touch to receive. Sometimes they can be a hit and miss affair with some occasional strange combinations, however they are a lovely little accompaniment to have with your pre-dinner G&T in your suite.

P&O Suite Benefit #10 Coffee machine

If you love your coffee then suites contain Senso coffee machines. These provide suite guests with a higher grade of coffee making in your cabin above the instant sachets that are available in all cabins across the fleet. Coffee pods are replenished each day and you can always ask your cabin steward or butler for more if you tend to whizz through them at a rate of knots like we do.

P&O Suite Benefit #11 Breakfast in an exclusive venue

Suite Perks on P&O cruises

This is one of the perks which is exclusive to suite guests. Each morning at breakfast, suite guests can head up to the Epicurean restaurant. The breakfast menu provides a similar selection of items you will find in the main dining room but certain items such as Eggs Benedict are available every day. The venue is also a very relaxing affair to ease you into the day. If you still enjoy breakfast in the main dining room or the buffet you can still attend these venues instead or if you wish head up there for second breakfast. You can also have breakfast served in your suite see below.

P&O Suite Benefit #12 Inclusive room service

Some of the room service items carry an extra charge in standard cabins but in a suite, room service is included. This means you can order from the main dining room menu each evening and have this served in your cabin at no extra charge. This is perfect if you’d like to take dinner on your balcony one evening (something to definitely opt for at least once if you are cruising the Norwegian fjords in a suite). Your butler will also serve your meal and the same goes for breakfast.

P&O Suite Benefit #13 Butler service

Having a butler can make some suite guests feel a little uneasy. Some guests may rarely use their butler at all. As the service is optional, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to make use of your butler or not. However it is a nice perk to have. Whilst we have never asked (nor expected) our butler to unpack or pack for us, or to mix a martini, draw a bubble bath or arrange in-suite cocktail or dinner party, they can be a helpful ally. Alyson from My Virtual Vacations has complied this handy list of requests you might find your Butler useful for.

P&O Suite Benefit #14 Superior bathroom with full-size whirlpool bath

Suite Bathrooms on P&O Britannia

One of the key suite benefits on P&O Cruises is that bathrooms in the suites are slightly larger than standard cabins and superior deluxe cabins/ mini suites. The one exception to this was the bathroom of the aft mini suite we sailed in aboard Oceana which was much bigger than other mini suites across the P&O Cruises fleet and more like a full suite. Suite bathrooms usually have a separate walk-in shower and a whirlpool bath. The bath and shower are also separated from the toilet for added convenience and privacy.

P&O Suite Benefit #15 Luxurious premier White Company toiletries

P&O Azura Suite Benefits

On P&O Cruises, there are white company toiletries in every cabin, and like the mini suites, you get an additional pamper set of toiletries which come in a beautifully presented box (pictured). If you don’t use these on your cruise, they are a lovely perk to take home with you as a souvenir – either to use at home or perhaps give to someone special as a small thank you for looking after things whilst you were away.

P&O Suite Benefit #16 Spacious lounge area and separate bedroom

P&O suites provide additional cabin space on-board. Taking P&O’s Britannia as an example, the highest grade of balcony cabin (a mini suite or superior deluxe balcony cabin) will typically occupy 281 square feet whereas a suite on Britannia will occupy approximately between 382 – 698 square feet. This allows space for a separate lounge area. In some cases the sofa transforms into a bed allowing up to four passengers to stay comfortably in the same cabin without falling over each other as might be the case in a superior deluxe cabin or mini suite.

One surprisingly nice exception to this was the mini suite we stayed in aboard Oceana when she was part of the P&O fleet. This aft mini suite had an impressive area which was even bigger than a midship suite we stayed in aboard Ventura. While Oceana is no longer in the P&O fleet, you can take a quick look at this impressive mini suite here.

P&O Suite Benefit #17 Priority Tenders (where applicable)

You will only be able to take advantage of this perk at a tender port. Tender ports are where the ship drops anchor offshore and shuttles passengers to and from the port using tender boats (which are also the ship’s lifeboats). P&O cruises have a handy port tender list on their website, where you can find out whether your port of call is a tender port by clicking here. 

The priority tender perk for suite passengers is that you get a fast pass to the front of the line for the next available tender. If you are not in a suite, you usually have two go to an allocated area on board ship to collect a tender ticket and then wait for your ticket to be called. 

Suite benefits on P&O Ventura

Depending on how busy the tender port is and the weather conditions, you can sometimes experience quite a long wait. Therefore whilst a priority tender pass does not guarantee you to get ashore, it does offer you the opportunity to be one of the first in line on the next tender. This perk is particularly useful as it cuts down the waiting time the tenders and can be particularly useful at busy times. We have never tried to use the priority tender pass when travelling back to the ship from port as there have rarely been queues when we have made our way back.

P&O Suite Benefit #18 Priority Disembarkation

Suite Perks on P&O Arcadia

Although you might not want to leave the ship on the last day of your cruise, as a suite guest, you will be given priority disembarkation should you wish to use it. Our butler on Britannia advised us that we it might be best to head off off before the 9AM.

However, he also informed us that we were more than welcome to head up to the Epicurean and have a leisurely breakfast, before returning to pick up our overnight bag from the suite before heading off ship a little later. Regardless of when you decide to leave ship on disembarkation, your priority pass is a nice perk to have as it provides a smooth process for disembarking your ship and prevents you from having to wait around, sobbing and inconsolable in the public areas.

Priority Disembarkation on P&O Britannia

Are P&O Cruises suite benefits worth it?

So there’s your rundown of all the perks you can expect to find if you stay in a suite aboard P&O cruises. For some passengers these perks are additional luxuries worth paying for to make a cruise holiday extra special, whereas other guests see them as an extravagance that add little to their cruise experience.

Having personally sailed with P&O in an inside cabin, a balcony, a superior deluxe cabin, a mini-suites and a suite, the experience of sailing in the suite certainly elevates a cruise. P&O Cruises sometimes put on offers where the 3rd and 4th guests sail anywhere from £1 to £199, which can make cruising in a suite a tempting offer if you are travelling as a family of four.

Whatever you choose, happy cruising and if you are interested in finding out which suite might be best for you I have put together some resources below which you might find useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me on any of my social media channels

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