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What are the most Instagrammable Spots on Scarlet Lady? 

Virgin Voyages first ship can be described as one of the most photogenic ships at sea. She certainly packs a punch when it comes to providing some epic backdrops for Instagrammars. With interiors designed by a ‘Creative Collective’ curated by Virgin Voyages and featuring the likes of Tom Dixon and Roman and Williams to name a few, you can see why.

Even if you don’t get a chance to stay in the 78 rock ‘n’ roll theme suites, every part of the ship oozes style and sophistication with a side order of quirkiness. Every corner pushes boundaries while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The Iconic Virgin Logo

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Virgin Logo

This is a must have shot for the gram aboard Scarlet Lady. I mean, if you don’t get this shot were you ever really there? Head up to the athletic club running track to bag this shot.

Shaken Not Stirred aboard Scarlet Lady's Casino

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Casino

Whilst there are no dress codes aboard Scarlet Lady there is nothing stopping you from channelling 007 chic for a classic Bond style photo here. Order a Vespa Martini to complete the look.

Glitter Room: the entrance to the Manor On Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Instagram spot Glitter Room Kathryn Ryan

The entrance to the Manor, the epicentre of nightlife aboard Scarlet Lady, boasting a nightclub over two floors certainly provides a tantalising entrance in the form of an infinite glitter room. Pictured here is Canadian Writer and Actor, Katherine Ryan during 

Stairway to Heaven on Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Instagram spot

Throughout the ship you will find Scarlet Lady just keeps on giving with the dramatic and quirky backdrops. Yes, there are the more obvious places on board ship but don’t forget about the smaller but nonetheless as aesthetically pleasing places even the staircases in the athletic club are made for the ‘gram.

Big Kids Playground at Scarlet Lady's Athletic Club

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady gym

While this photo was taken on a gloomy evening, the ship positively lights up like a beacon with stunning scarlet tones. You can just imagine how spectacular this is going to be set against the Caribbean blue sky and sea.

I-Spy from Scarlet Lady

There are so many spaces in the Roundabout to take Instagram-worthy photos. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re opting for the wide shot of the illuminated sweeping staircase or want to focus on more of the quirky details such as this champagne inspired sculpture. There are plenty of appealing spots to choose from.

Rainbow Columns are perfect for Instagram

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady draught Haus

Dee Cooper, Virgin Voyages’ senior vice president of product design purposely chose designers who had never worked on ship before. The results speak for themselves – don’t expect traditional design and expect experimentation, bold colours and fun modern interiors. Just like the Draught Haus, pictured here in the centre of the ship, just off the Roundabout.

I do like to be beside the sea on Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Instagram Pool Cabanas

It’s not only the Caribbean views that are spectacularly stunning from Scarlet Lady but also the places to view them. These vintage inspired beach chairs bring the beach feeling right on deck. They provide an elegantly sheltered place to enjoy the day at sea or just a spot for pure relaxation. The striking red and white stripes provide a vibrant pop of colour too.

Sip Lounge aboard Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Instagram spot SIP Lounge

This bar in the sip lounge provides a stunning backdrop of copper and marble with illuminated reflections from the mirrored background. Just make sure you accompany your photo with a glass of chilled champagne.

At the Wake aboard Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady The Wake

Definitely the place to make a dramatic entrance. The Wake is a sophisticated eatery at the back of the ship and provides stunning views of surprisingly, Scarlet Lady’s wake. Designed by Roman and Williams this grand staircase provides you with fitting entrance that is dripping in cool. The chandelier also provides an elegant backdrop and also provides great lighting.

Sip a little more Champagne aboard Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Sip Lounge

Sip is the gift that just keeps on giving for Instagram shots. This luxurious champagne lounge provides multiple Instagram opportunities not just at the bar but also in this light and airy section which is just calling out to be shared with a chilled glass of bubbles.

Sitting at the dock of the bay aboard Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Dock House

The dock towards the rear of the ship focuses on neutral tones and a focus on relaxation. The dock house provides an effortlessly elegant space to retreat to. This is the place to go for a rustic chic resort background that provides full on Ibiza cabana vibes.

You spin me right round: Scarlet Lady's Roundabout

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Instagram spot the Roundabout

The Roundabout is the beating heart of Scarlet Lady. This iridescent atrium of the ship provides a sweeping staircase with ever-changing hues drawn from colours right across the rainbow. You’re always sure to find a colour combination to complement your look.

Ready for your Close up on Scarlet Lady

The entrance to Pink Agave which is an upscale Mexican restaurant makes you feel as if you could be inside the flashbulb of a camera. This is the place to go for good lighting.

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