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5 Ways to Save Money on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

There are lots of ways to save money on your Virgin Voyages cruise – particularly on cabin fares and drinks packages. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your money when booking a cruise with Virgin Voyages on one of their three current ladyships: Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady. 


Ways to save money on Scarlet Lady
Scarlet Lady Photo Credit: (c) Virgin Voyages

1. Pay your fare in full to save money

This is the simplest ways to save money on a Virgin Voyages cruise. Virgin Voyages is currently running an offer that if you pay your balance in full at the time of booking you receive a 10% discount.

If you’ve got the funds available to pay your balance off in full at the time of booking, then this is certainly an option you should take advantage of. As this is a percentage discount rather than a nominal fee, say $50, the higher cabin grade you book, the more hard cash you will save (for your bar tab, perhaps?)

Bar Tabs on Scarlet Lady
Draught House. Photo Credit: (c) Virgin Voyages

2. Add money to your bar tab in advance

A nifty way to save money on drinks on a Virgin Voyages cruise is by loading money in advance on to your Bar Tab. You can save a humungous 14% on your bar bill by taking advantage of this offer.

If you know you’re going to spend at least $300 on drinks throughout the duration of your voyage (which are not already included in the basic bevvies package that you get as standard), then this is definitely an option worth considering to save you some money.

Put simply, for every $300 you load on to your bar tab before you board, Virgin Voyages will add and extra bonus $50 with compliments on the house (or ship). Load $600 and you’ll get additional $100 on your bar tab, (but if you load $500, you’ll still get only $50, as you have to load in increments of $300 to get the bonus). 

By loading money on to your bar tab in advance, a $350 bar bill will only cost you $300, which represents a discount of just over 14% on your total bar bill which is an easy way to save money on your drinks on a Virgin Voyages Cruise.  Plus until April 30th 2021, Virgin Voyages are adding a $100 when you pre-purchase a $300 bar tab – that equates to a 25% discount on your drinks!

A couple of things also worth remembering is that all drinks on Virgin Voyages are inclusive of gratuities, so any drinks you purchase on board won’t have those nasty, hidden service charges added at the end of your voyage.

To give you an idea of how far your bar tab might stretch, champagne and wine are around $9- $10 per glass, beer (such as Heineken) is $6 and basic cocktails with premium spirits start around $9 each.

Basic beverages on Virgin Voyages are all included so you won’t even need to dip into your bar tab for still and sparking water, non-pressed fruit juices, teas and non-drip coffees. Yet another way to save you money. 

Social Insider cabin for 4 people on Scarlet Lady
Social Insider cabin for 4 people on Scarlet Lady Photo Credit: (c) Virgin Voyages

3. Share with friends and make it social

Another way to save money on your Virgin Voyages cabin fare is to share your cabin with friends – the more the better.

For example take this comparison pricing for a voyage of 5 nights with two, three and four sailors sharing an inside cabin. As long as you don’t mind sharing with four friends in an inside cabin, this can be a great way to save money on your Virgin Voyages fare.

Ways to Save Money ON Virgin Voyages
Social Insider cabin v Insider Cabin Virgin Voyages
Gorgeous Site on Scarlet Lady
Gorgeous Site on Scarlet Lady Photo Credit: (c) Virgin Voyages

4. Consider upgrading to a Gorgeous Suite

I know this sounds counterintuitive when I am trying to find ways to save you money on a Virgin Voyages Cruise – but stick with me.

If you’re all up for getting the most retox/detox out of your time on board with Virgin Voyages (and why wouldn’t you?) upgrading to a Gorgeous Suite can represent some great value for money.

The Gorgeous Suite is the cheapest category suite in the Mega RockStar Quarters grade of cabins. Mega RockStar suites come with all the top-level perks and some ‘money can’t buy’ benefits. While the Gorgeous suite  is the least expensive suite in this cabin grade, it still comes with all the perks you can expect in the Massive Suite –  just without the extra square footage.. and price tag.

Take a look at this comparison pricing below for 4 sailors in two XL Sea Terrace Cabins versus 4 sailors sharing a Gorgeous Suite sailing out of Miami on exactly the same voyage. All prices include taxes and I’ve assumed that each person will be spending around $100 per day on the bar tab. Airport transfers are based on a similar standard of return transport between Miami airport and Port Miami.

Ways to Save Money ON Virgin Voyages
Are suites worth it on Virgin Voyages?

You can see that with all the added extras and Mega RockStar attention you’ll  get on board,  if there four of you who are thinking about sailing together, perhaps in a couple of XL Sea Terrace cabins, it might make sense to opt for an upgrade to a Mega RockStar Gorgeous Suite instead based on all the inclusive extras and value this grade of suite provides.

Can I take alcohol on board Virgin Voyages
Drinks Packages On Virgin Voyages Suites

5. Take your alcohol allowance on board

If you are 21 (when sailing from Florida) you are allowed to take alcohol on board Virgin Voyages sailings. While it may not save you a great deal of money on your bar tab, it’s always worth taking on this allowance to save yourself some money.

You are limited 2 x 750mL bottles of wine per cabin and these must be consumed in your cabin. Bottles must be taken on board in your carry-on bags. Bottles of spirits are not allowed.

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