I thought it might be useful to compile some easy embarkation day tips for your cruise. On embarkation day, what’s the first thing you do after you board your ship?  Most cruise passengers head for the buffet. But now is the time to take advantage of other areas of the ship while they are quiet. You’ll probably be able to grab a great deal too. Read on for some of my embarkation day tip for your cruise.

You’ve cleared security. You’ve taken the obligatory selfie under the “To the Ship” sign. Now you’re finally on board your cruise. The second you step on board, your cruise holiday has officially started. This means you have access to all the amenities right from the very moment you step on board. It’s one of the things I love most about cruise holidays. 

Head to your cabin

Champagne and Chocolates in P&O cruises cabin Embarkation day

Head to your cabin to drop off any bulky carry-on luggage. Jettisoning the bulk can also leave you free to use the stairs and walk past all those embarkation day queues for the lifts.

Your cabin steward might be preparing your cabin so just check with them if it’s to leave your bag while you wander around the ship.

Any luggage is left at your own risk as the door may be left open and your cabin unattended. But remember you can still leave smaller items of value in the safe. 

Get your bearings on embarkation day

Direction boards on a cruise ship on Embarkation day

It’s always a good idea to visit your cabin whilst the corridors are quiet to find out where your accommodation is in relation to everything else.

From here you take a moment to find out what’s the best way to get to the main areas on ship – such as the atrium, the main lifts the kids club and the buffet. Working this out when the ship is relatively quiet will help you when you’re heading down for dinner later that evening. 

Head to the pool

Quiet pool on embarkation day on board P&O cruises Azura

One of my top embarkation day tips for your cruise is to pack your swimming gear in your carry-on luggage. Head to your cabin first to pick up your pool towels and then head straight to the pool. As everyone else is in the buffet you’ll probably have the pool and hot tubs all to yourself for a little while.   

Pick out a spot to watch the sail away

Quiet sea view from the top deck on P&O cruises Oceana Cruise Ship Embarkation day

You might want to head down to the prom deck and pick out a good spot to wave the dockside away on embarkation day. You’ll need to attend your muster (safety briefing) before you sail away, but it’s good to have a particular spot in mind. This way you can bag a great view. 

Extra of the bonus embarkation day tips for your cruise: The prom deck can sometimes be quieter than the pool deck for sail away so don’t forget to check out this option too.

Head to the gym - a quiet place on embarkation day

Quiet gym area with treadmills on board P&O cruises Britannia Cruise ship

The gym is going to be quiet on embarkation day. Head to the gym while it’s quest to have your pick of all the equipment, treadmills or cross trainers. 

Think about how good you’ll feel later on sipping your sail away cocktail knowing that you’ve already done your daily work?

Check out some books in the library - another quiet place on embarkation day

Cruise ship library on board P&O Cruises Britannia on Embarkation day with Books and Library Chair Embarkation day

This is another place which is quiet on embarkation day. The librarian may already be on duty and you can take some books out.  This is a great embarkation day tip for your cruise as you’ll be one of the first in the queue to take out the popular lonely planet guides for all your ports. Or alternatively, you’ll have your pick of the top reads for your first sea day.

Embarkation day tips especially for parents - Register for the kids’ club

The Reef Kids Club on board P&O cruises Britannia Cruise Ship

Obviously you’ll only want to do this if you’re travelling with children. Registration sometimes opens early on embarkation day. This embarkation day tip for your cruise will help you skip the registration queues on the first evening. 

If you’re travelling with kids, head straight up to the kids’ club to check out the times and location for the first registration session. It will probably take place that afternoon in one of the main live music venues on P&O cruises. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the kids club cruise programme too.

Collect your sail away drink voucher

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail on board P&O cruises Oceana Cruise Ship on Embarkation day

If you are on a loyalty tier which rewards you with a free sail away cocktail, head down to your cabin to pick up your voucher. Your voucher entitles you to a free class of champagne or non alcoholic alternative.  It’s a great way to start your cruise with a complimentary drink.

This is one of my favourite embarkation day tips for your cruise!

Visit the spa for any embarkation day offers

Quiet spa on board P&O cruises Azura in the Retreat on board this Cruise ship

Spa staff can sometimes be found wandering around the deck or will be located in the main atrium clutching a bundle of flyers with a range of offers available on embarkation day. 

If you’re interested in visiting the spa on your cruise, my embarkation day tip for your cruise is to seek out the spa deals soon after you arrive on your ship. Offers might be time limited or on a first-come-first-served basis. So head there first to yourself a bargain at the start of your cruise.

Check out the speciality restaurants for embarkation day offers

Sindhu speciality dining restaurant on board P&O cruises Britannia cruise ship

If you want to try out some alternative, speciality dining venues on board, today is the day to grab some bargains. My embarkation day tip is to head to the atrium to find out what’s available. Representatives from the dining options on board will be in attendance with more information. 

Offers usually include a reduced cover charge on embarkation day or might even include a free bottle of wine with your meal. There are deals to be had today so my tip is to check these out before you head to the buffet as these offers might not last for long. 

Attend your embarkation day welcome on-board lunch

P&O Cruises Peninsular club invitation sign for the welcome on board loyalty lunch on Embarkation day

If you are in a suite or you are on one of the top three loyalty tiers, you will be invited to a Welcome on Board/Peninsular/Loyalty lunch. 

This is a lovely relaxing space where you have a buffet style lunch, which is served in the main dining room and there are also complementary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer. If you are lucky enough to have an invitation, go – it’s well worth it.

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