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8 Reasons why you should cruise to Norway


An all-year-round cruise region, Norway is nothing short of spectacular and should definitely be on your cruise bucket list. Here are some good reasons why you should explore Norway on a cruise.

Midnight sun in Norway

To see the midnight sun on a summer cruise.

As a good portion of Norway lies beyond the Arctic Circle, this is a great place to view the midnight sun in high summer.  During the summer months northern Norway can experience up to 24 hours of daylight – which means you have plenty of time for sightseeing both on and off the ship. For your best chance of seeing 24 hours of sunlight where the sun never dips below the horizon, ensure your itinerary includes ports including or north of Bodø. 

Imagine strolling on the deck in bright sunlight at midnight. Summer temperatures are similar to those in the UK but be warned Bergen and Ålesund also rank as two of the rainiest cities in the world. So just like the summers in Britain, don’t forget to take your umbrella.

Ca you see the northern light on a cruise?

To see the Northern lights on a winter cruise.​

For cruise itineraries which include ports of call that lie beyond the Arctic Circle, such as Tromsø, Alta and Honningsvåg, you have a good chance of witnessing this natural phenomenon, the aurora borealis.

On a winter cruise to Norway you can expect relatively short days. Temperatures may rarely rise above freezing either, so don’t forget to take layers of winter clothing with you. A winter cruise beyond the Arctic Circle can also provide opportunities to explore memorable experiences ashore such as a night trip into the Sami wilderness.

What's a Norwegian Fjords Cruise like?

Norwegian fjords scenery is best viewed from the sea

Norwegian scenery sees dramatic changes throughout the seasons and some of the most photogenic views can be enjoyed from the ship. For example, much of the fjord scenery is visible from the ship such as passing through the inner passages, between Ålesund and Narvick. Hardangerfjord, near Bergen and Geirangerfjord are also amongst the most frequented sights and smaller vessels are able to enter some of the tiny, yet equally scenic options, such as, Nærøyfjord Trollfjord and Lustrafjord.

Do cruise ships sail to Alesund?

The journey from the ports of call to places of interest is relatively short

At most ports of call you can simply walk off the ship and find yourself right in the centre of the port or city. The most popular destinations include: Ålesund, Alta, Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger, Hellesylt, Haugesund, Honningsvåg, Kristiansund, Olden, Stavanger, Tromsø Trondheim and Oslo. Although Oslo is more often featured on Scandinavian or Baltic cruises rather than cruises to the Norwegian fjords.

A Norwegian Fjords cruise is a perfect first cruise

Norway is dramatic and the photogenic scenery appeals to a wide variety of cruise passengers including cruisers who are seeking holiday at sea for the first time.

There are so many different activities you can pack into a cruise to the Norwegian fjords: nature watching, walking, hiking, cycling, art, photography, relaxation, and water sports, such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

You don’t even need to have to leave the ship to witness some of the spectacular scenery. Additionally the short crossing to Norway, port intensive itineraries and constant proximity to land make it an appealing option even for those who have reservations about taking a cruise.

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Cruising is a cost-effective way of visiting Norway 

Norway is traditionally an expensive country to visit but cruising is one of the most cost-effective ways of visiting and exploring this spectacular part of the world. Due to the current pause in cruising, I tentatively priced up a similar 7 night a land based touring holiday in Norway as an alternative.

Due to the jagged coastal terrain and extensive fjords, a land-based holiday worked out to be quite costly and time-consuming; for example a 4 night stay in one port (Flam) without food, drinks and entertainment worked out to be significantly more than a 7-night all-inclusive cruise. Additionally, almost three days of a week’s holiday would be spent on return travel.

Excursions for Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Norway provides a variety of holiday experiences for all tastes

A cruise to Norway appeals to such a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Norway is nothing short of spectacular for nature lovers, particularly the wildlife of the waters and mountains. It is not uncommon to see moose, whales, and massive herds of reindeer. For culture vultures, there are excursions to Sami settlements and Viking Museums as well as interesting coastal towns.

Adventure seekers are not disappointed either; on Northern Lights cruises in the winter there are ample opportunities for dog or reindeer sledding as well as snowmobiling and skiing. In the summer, you can get your adventure and adrenaline burst in the form of RIB safaris on the fjords, or an exhilarating hike up to a spectacular viewpoint.


Norway is one of the most accessible regions for British cruisers​

Norway is a highly accessible cruise option. With just two days at sea required from ports on the South coast of England, such as Southampton and Dover  For cruises embarking from ports in the North of England or Scotland, this is reduced to just one day at sea.

For cruisers who are starting their journey further afield, it is also possible to take fly-cruise options from Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hamburg or Amsterdam. However, cruises should note that some flights, especially those of budget carriers, may arrive at an airport some distance from the city or port, so this should be factored into travel plans.

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Norway is traditionally safe and trouble-free

Norway is traditionally a safe and trouble-free country. While you should always be vigilant, the crime rates in Norway are incredibly low, making it a safe country to visit and travel in.

Norway was voted the happiest country in the world in 2017, judged on factors including caring, generosity and honesty. Hospitals in cities offer a high standard of care and there is generally a high standard of living.

2022 cruises to Norway

If you are interested in booking a cruise to Norway and the Norwegian Fjords, here are some of my suggestions;

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