Embarkation day with kids

Embarkation day with two kids can always seem like a game of “Swimming Pool V Everything Else”. However, after a few cruises under our belts with the kids, we’ve finally managed to achieve a happy compromise. 


What we do first

We tend to drop our carry-on luggage in our cabin, decanting the essentials into a smaller bag, locking our valuables in the safe and then heading to pool, via The Reef (kids club) to check out when the registration times are. If we’ve been invited to the Welcome on Board/Peninsular lunch, we will head there before continuing up to the pool if the weather is nice.

Once at the pool, we’ll find a comfortable, sunny spot to settle down for our first afternoon on board, order a few drinks, and let the kids swim their hearts out until it’s time to change and head to our muster station ready for the safety briefing.

At some point in the afternoon, one of us will check out the speciality dinning, or spa offers to snap up a bargain if there’s something a good on offer (there usually is). If we’ve not been invited to the welcome on board lunch – we’ll just head to the buffet at some point in the afternoon (in tag team formation as this is easier).

After the muster and safety briefing, we’ll try to find to a good spot on board to watch our sail away and transit through the Solent. When we pass Nab point, I tend to take that as my cue to head back to the cabin and unpack, perhaps spend some time on the balcony (if we have one) and once that’s done it’s usually time for the Kids Tea in the buffet restaurant.

We’ll then sign the kids into the Kids club for their first evening, while we head on down for a cocktail and dinner and make plans for our relaxing day at sea tomorrow.

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