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Cruising is so much more than just a fantastic ship and an epic on board experience. The chance to sample multiple destinations in one holiday whilst unpacking only once is a dream. 

Let’s explore!

One day in.... Port Guides

Time in port on a cruise itinerary is often very limited and with just one day available to explore a destination, it’s impossible to visit everything. I’ve created a series of guides focused on exploring a destination if your time is limited.

Large group shore excursions provided by the cruise line can sometimes be too rushed, too expensive or too structured. If you prefer to do your own thing in port or if you would like to start exploring more independently, then these guides are perfect for you. Not too prescriptive, not too basic. A perfect starting point for planning your own day ashore.

Eastern Mediterranean

Encompassing the  Greek islands,  the Adriatic Riviera the Black Sea and the Holy Land. Explore pretty Greek villages, Ancient Athenian ruins or the bustling bazaars of Istanbul. 

Western Mediterranean

One of the most diverse cruising areas in the world, the Mediterranean has ports of call that suit every taste. Experience the stylish glamour of the French Rivera, Renaissance treasures in Florence, Architectural wonder in Barcelona and the volcanic Islands of the Canaries.

Explore Western Mediterranean Guides

Mother nature is the architect behind dramatic landscapes, from volcanoes to glaciers. This cruise region is perfect for both first time cruisers and intrepid explorers alike. Explore the Norwegian Fjords from the best perspective. 

Explore Norway & Iceland Guides

British Isles

This small cruise regions manages to compress quite a lot into a small space.  Thousands of years of history such as prehistoric monuments and royal traditions. Each nation in the British Isles has its own unique identity. Explore vibrant cities, charming coastal towns and rugged landscapes.

Explore British Isles Guides

Western Europe

Discover pretty harbours and cobbled streets of the Channel Islands and Northern France, quaint squares and picturesque canals of Bruges, Amsterdam and Hornfleur. Sample French haute cuisine, Belgian beer and exquisite hand made chocolates. 

Northern Europe & The Baltics

Cultural treasures, centuries of history and contrasting countries. Cruises to this region encompass so many varied rich cultural experiences from Scandinavia’s Vikings to the grand royal families of Europe


With its icy beauty in towering glaciers, pine forests and a coastline that’s longer than all the other US states combined, watch whales swim amongst the calved icebergs. 

USA & Canada

From the sun kissed surfing beaches of the Pacific to the small towns and bustling cities of New England on the Atlantic Coast. Head to exotic Hawaiian Isles or head to the great white north.

Caribbean & The Bahamas

Clear blue seas lapping up against white-sand beaches. After the beach, there are tropical rainforests, ancient ruins and colonial towns to explore.

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