Cruise Tips

An assortment of money-saving tips, helpful hints and hacks collected from over 15 years of cruising and over 100 nights at sea.

Cruising doesn't have to be expensive.

…unless you want it to be. 

These tips, hacks and hints to help you get the best value for money out of your cruise pounds. If you want to splash out on a suite that’s fine, let me help you ensure you splash out on the RIGHT suite for you. This page is all about saving money where you can, so you have more to splash out on what you want. 

It’s not all about low budget cruising, it’s about getting the most value out of your cruise holiday. 

Cruise Tips


Start here for a range of helpful guides if you’re just about to book your first cruise.  

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A collection of resources to help you pick the best cabin for you. 


Some hotel reviews around Southampton and further afield.

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From interviews with other cruise experts and bloggers to which films to watch when you’re missing cruising. 


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